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Cov19AVent Lung Ventilator

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Cov19AVent Lung Ventilator

COV19AVent Lung Ventilator

The last days have been very intense as I am involved in a project aiming to develop a lung ventilator for severe Covid-19 cases requiring intensive care and for patients who have lost the ability to breath on their own.

This is an open source project and we are sharing all the details and specifics in the days to come. We will soon require the 3D printing community’s support as some of the parts we intend to use are actually 3D-printed.

The following facts may be of interest to you:

A. The overall design is loosely based upon a Prusa printer.
B. Both design & software are licensed under the GPL and hence are open source.
C. All orange parts are 3D printed and are modified Prusa components.
D. Aim is to build a working prototype by mid April.
E. The central unit of our device is a Raspberry Pi which is the heart & soul of our machine controlling all critical parameters.

If you want to support us, please feel free to contact me via Instagram or via these websites:


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